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Aster B. Flowers was started by Melissa Glorieux, a native of Massachusetts who returned to her home state along with her family to live on a farm by the sea. Before moving back, Melissa, her husband Alec and their two boys lived in San Francisco where they enjoyed local produce and flowers all year long. The vibrant farmers’ markets, the focus on farm-to-table, and the artisan producers of the Bay Area were a big part of Melissa’s inspiration for starting a farm and growing local, sustainable flowers.

For the 2016 season, Meadow Wilds, Roving Radish, 1956 Blooms and Jemma Tory Floral Design will join Aster B. on the farm to create the Essex Flower Co-op, a flower grower/floral designer cooperative. Members of the co-op will grow and design side by side this season, sharing expertise and supporting one another in their flower-centric endeavors.

Aster B. strives to be sustainable both in the field and out. We reduce, reuse and recycle wherever we can. We grow our flowers using organic practices. We compost all our field-cuttings. We’re conservative with irrigation. And we reuse everything possible from year to year, like trellising and fabric mulch and drip-tape. For that same reason, our bouquets are minimally packaged… just a rubber band and, if you like, a wrapping of waxed paper.

When you buy Aster B. flowers, you are supporting a small, local business that provides a few jobs, treats the Earth kindly and makes the world a little more beautiful.

Located in Essex, Mass. just 30 miles north of Boston, Aster B. flowers are grown on land where, according to local lore, George Washington and his troops are said to have camped during the Revolutionary War.

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