Spring. Sort of.

I’m going to skip over what’s been happening for the past 2 years and just jump in now. Hopefully, when time and energy allows I’ll catch up on all that.

Spring came late this year and truthfully it doesn’t seem to be committed to staying just yet. Most mornings this week I awoke to frosty fields and bitter temps.

We’ve been in the greenhouse seeding for over a month now and we’ve had mixed success. Our sweet peas germinated like wildfire but the mysterious greenhouse mouse liked them so much we’ve probably lost half of our seedlings! The statice and snapdragons and poppies – OH the poppies! – are not cooperating but we’ve had some sleeper hits – like the safflower and cerinthe. I’m so excited for these 2 new blooms.

We’ve hired 2 awesome full time farmers. One is my brother Adam who’s been farming for years and will hopefully whip this place into a “real” working farm! He hasn’t grown flowers before but he’s grown everything else so I’m looking forward to learning a lot from him. And we have Rebekah. She’ll be here in May just in time for transplanting and she brings a season as the flower intern at Stone Barns in the Hudson Valley to Aster B. Yippee!

Entering our third season of growing, I’ve learned so much and I’m always learning more. To farm is to be connected to the seasons and to the cycle of life… things you are familiar with as a lay person, but that take on so much more gravity once Mother Nature is your business partner.

I hope to be more eloquent in future posts and log some of the insights I gain from growing flowers. Thanks so reading!

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