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There are lots of reasons to buy local flowers. It’s impossible to dispute that something just-picked is far superior to a similar item imported from hundreds or thousands of miles away. Locally-grown flowers are fresher, they’re more fragrant, they’re better for the environment and they’re better for the community.

Up to 90 percent of flowers sold in the United States come from Colombia and Ecuador. Those flowers are often harvested as many as 7 days before they reach the store. They’re usually grown and preserved using harsh chemicals. And they’re shipped in a mountain of packaging. When you buy local flowers, they’re sold the same day they’re picked and there’s almost no packaging waste. And, if you buy flowers grown using sustainable practices, you avoid those toxic chemicals too.

On a purely economic level, buying locally-grown flowers keeps your money local, supports local businesses, and provides local farmers with jobs. On a personal level, you have the chance to get to know the farmer who grew your flowers, and to learn how and where your flowers were grown. Doing just that helps to build community and can reconnect the buyer in some small way back to nature.

At Aster B. Flowers we use sustainable and organic growing practices. Our goal is to grow beautiful, fragrant cut flowers for sale locally, while at the same time causing no harm to our environment or the people and creatures that live in it.

Learn about the Slow Flowers Movement here: SlowFlowers.com.